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Project Description
Wosk is targeted at touch-screen users (Tablet PC, UMPC, HP TouchSmart, MS Surface...) who want to customize and enrich their keyboard input options. Written in C# and WPF.

WPF On Screen Keyboard (Wosk) serves two purposes:

  • To provide highly customizable on-screen keyboard
  • To help learn WPF and allow even more customization for advanced users


Configuration not implemented. One keyboard layout included.
Global HotKey for hiding/showing the Wosk window: NumLock (currently hardcoded).


Wosk is a working application, but still an early version. Please forgive me any bugs or personal assumptions.
I am testing it on Samsung Q1U UMPC which has a couple of hardware keys - almost useless, but I use NumLock as a hardware hotkey for Wosk. I chose NumLock because I never use it on my keyboards, it is available on my UMPC and it does not interfere with the keys supported by current version of Wosk.
Wosk uses some Win32 API for sending keycodes and configuring UI window so it does not steal focus.

Join the project!

I am just learning WPF and Wosk already helped me a lot. If you are interested, please consider joining the project, whether you are WPF guru or a newbie.

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